Children's World Peace Organization

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What We Do

CWPO shares wisdom, where most schools in the world only teach knowledge.  We believe that when you combine knowledge and wisdom, real learning is achieved.  Our core curriculum covers areas such as:  conflict resolution/prevention, critical thinking, decision making, creativity, listening skills, imagination, concentration and cooperation (teamwork).

·         We work with both private and public elementary/primary schools in Mexico, Nepal and Kenya.

·         Our Curriculum focuses on primary age students grades 1 through 8.

·         There is no charge to the school but we do ask that the teachers participate in the activities.

·         We follow a 35 week curriculum introducing peace activities.

·         We organize a one-on-one drawing exchange program between classmates in Mexico, Nepal and Kenya. 

·         We attract talented people committed to working towards a more peaceful world, wanting to contribute in their community and who enjoy interacting with children.

·         We pay a livable wage allowing our staff to dedicate their time to CWPO. 

with approximately 600 children each week.